On August 1st we are holding an important event- a chance to express your support for breastfeeding women around the world as well as non-profit milk banks.

Breastfeeding is the normal way to feed and nurture children. It is recommended children breastfeed for two years and beyond. Healthy table foods can be introduced around six months of age with breastfeeding continuing for as long as mother and child wish to continue. Unfortunately, in many countries this is not the experience of mothers and children. Mothers are faced with many challenges often stemming from a lack of information and lack of support from their families and communities. Express Support is an opportunity to hold an event for women to “stand together” to demonstrate the importance of breastfeeding and non-profit milk banking.

Many women have little or no information on non-profit milk banking. Providing information to the women in your community as to where and how they can donate could make a big difference in the lives of many premature infants. Use of pasteurized donor milk is the standard of care in many but not all NICUs. New donors are needed on an ongoing basis as donors “retire” continuously. Encourage mothers to consider giving a gift that last a lifetime – donated milk. An ounce of donated milk can feed many premies in the early days.