Milk banks recruit, screen and collect milk from donors and process, screen, store and distribute donated milk to sick and high risk infants. Donor screening is similar to blood screening. Additionally, milk is tested and pasteurized with the majority going to babies in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Many banks also provide pasteurized donor milk to babies with other health problems whose mothers are unable to provide any or sufficient milk to them. Donating milk to a non-profit milk bank is a wonderful gift that lasts a lifetime. For many tiny recipients the donor milk they receive makes the difference between life and death.


Non-profit milk banks are all over the world! Search for your closest non-profit milk bank through Google or check out the following addresses:

Visit Human Milk Banking Association of North America: HMBANA

 European Milk Banking Association: EMBA

 Human Milk Banking Association of South Africa HMBASA


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